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As a long-standing member of the community in the commercial real estate industry, it was a no-brainer to create Merritt Printing & Design as a DBA of Merritt Realty Corporation. The founder, Terry Purdy, realized there was a local need in the construction industry for a blueprint shop that operated more efficiently and effectively, and Merritt Printing & Design was the solution! We value our client’s time and therefore arranged our business model so that we can provide superior services and ensure that our clients are not limited to picking up their prints only during typical office hours.

We solved the problem of inconvenient pick-up requirements by installing a custom 24-hour pick up window. This way our clients can order prints, have them printed within just a few hours, and are able to come pick up their prints at any time or date convenient to them. Merritt Printing & Design is the only print shop in the area to offer this unique way for construction industry clients and blueprint shops to interact and our clients love us for it! Using state of the art machinery we have the capability of printing the highest quality black and white or full color prints in the area. We also understand the concept of only buying what you need, so we have a no minimum policy at Merritt Printing & Design.

We send out an email invoice via QuickBooks for every order, as well as printing a physical copy and banding it with the prints. We also send out a final statement at the end of each month with the total balance owed. We offer end of month payment options and accept cash, checks, and credit cards.


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